Support in pregnancy, birth and beyond

It is a great honor for me to support women and their families through the great journey of pregnancy to parenthood. Childbirth is a powerful, transformative experience that has the potential to impact one’s life forever.

                                                                                        ~Jo Lukawitski, Birth Mentor and Doula

Our classes are dynamic, engaging and lively!
Birthing From Within classes are unique; we help parents prepare for childbirth through: storytelling, lively discussions, visualizations, art, pain coping practices with ice, role play, yoga.

Class Schedule

I am currently taking a break from offering private sessions and group sessions. If you are looking for doula support, please contact me for more information.


Parents enrolled in a Birthing From Within Prenatal class will receive a free postpartum visit from me as well as a prenatal Belly Mapping session. This is a fun way to bond with your baby, discover it’s position, and learn how that might influence your labor.

If you are past 36 weeks and would like a belly mapping session, connect with me.  Cost: Sliding scale fee for a 30 min. session $35-$55.

In your Birthing prenatal classes you will learn how to:

  • build confidence in yourself and your partner
  • make use of valuable pain coping practices
  • provide comfort to the laboring mother
  • protect your birth space
  • ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • fulfill the needs of your growing baby using a sound diet
  • recover and plan post-partum
  • give birth from within during a Cesarean, while using pain medication, or with medical support

Your Birthing classes will be:

  • a balance of practical, useful information and creative, experiential exercises
  • personalized to your needs and interests
  • not narrowly focused on a particular type of birth
  • stimulating, lively discussions and interesting exercises
  • learning, not just about birth, but also about yourselves!

Jo Lukawitski – Birthing From Within © Mentor

This is a  Birthing From Within Childbirth Class




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